Back in Black (and white)

Sì, lo ammetto, sono stata assente per un bel po’ e senza giustificazioni. Mi scuso con mamma, che mi segue da casa, e i tre amici che sanno che tengo questo blog. Dopo questa breve introduzione, eccoci alle cose interessanti: biscotti.

Ho trovato sul sito di Barbara, ossia My Italian Smorgasbord, una ricetta ottima per rifare a casa i famosi Abbracci, però sapendo cosa ci si sta mettendo dentro. Buoni e sani, come direbbe nonna.

Ma arriviamo al punto: qui di seguito la ricetta illustrata…godetevela!

english text

I have to admit I’ve been away for quite a long time, without any excuse. Sorry mom, and sorry to the other few friends who are following me / who know I am keeping this blog. After this short introduction, here we are to the interesting things: biscuits.

I found on Barbara’s blog, aka My Italian Smorgasbord, a recipe for some well-known biscuits of Italy: Abbracci (which means hugs). They are made of half chocolate and half vanilla dough, and taste awesome for breakfast, with milk or tea. here you are the recipe:

Abbracci cookies

vanilla dough:

chocolate dough:

For each of the two doughs separately, mix the ingredients together and shape into small balls. Take a ball of each dough and shape into long and thin cylinders. Cut about 7 cm (2.5 inches) long pieces from each cylinder and put one over the other, forming a black and white closed circle. Place the circles over a baking tray covered with baking paper. Bake for 11-13 minutes at 180 degrees (Celsius, 356 Fahrenheit).

These cookies are good and healthy, just as grandma made them. Thank you, Barbara!