Ho sempre visto questi biscotti tradizionali dietro le vetrine delle pasticcerie, e mai mi sarei sognata di farli in casa. Mi aspettavo difficoltà impreviste, procedimenti lunghissimi e complessi, e invece eccoli qui!

Ho avuto la fortuna di poter approfittare di un aiuto-cuoco d’eccezione, e devo dire che a cucinare in due ci si diverte il doppio. Che dire di più, la ricetta è semplice ma intervallata da diversi riposi in frigorifero: occhio ai tempi prima di iniziare!

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I have always seen these traditional biscuits behind bakeries’ windows, and I have never thought I could have baked them myself. I was expecting unsuspected difficulties, long and complex processes, but none of this all happened.

I had the luck of having an exceptional sous-chef, and I have to admit that baking in two is twice the fun! What else, the recipe is simple but needs resting times in the fridge: pay attention to cooking times before you start.

Baci di dama

In a mixer, crush the hazelnuts until smooth and floury. Whisk in flour, butter, sugar and salt. Cover the dough and let it rest in the fridge for half an hour.

Create small dough balls using your fingers, place on an oven pan and put in the fridge again, for half an hour. Preheat the oven at 160° C and, when the resting time is finished, bake the dough balls for 25 minutes. They should be soft, flattened and not darkened. Let them cool, then join every two halves with the hazelnut cream. You can also use dark chocolate ganache instead, I will try and tell you the results!