Visual & Social

Dope Factory

graphic design, social media, communication

Dope Factory ( is a company set in Bologna.
During these two years, I started from being an assistant graphic designer to become the head of graphic design, social media manager, and responsible of communications.
The Dope Factory, at the moment, consists in online store and two physical stores in Sardinia, which are also the location for events and exhibitions.


graphic design, social media, communication

Cabò (see their instagram account) is a restaurant in Villasimius, Sardinia, which offers local delicacies and fresh fish, with both japanese and european influences in an outstanding location.
The work included the design of the menu and the allergenes icons, the redesign of business cards and the whole social media management.


consultancy, communication

Founded in 1986 in Bologna, Flanella ( is a fashion retail company, head of four stores and a newborn ecommerce. I have been working to follow their philosophy, that is pushing further the research while keeping a strong identity. I am currently following their newsletter and communications, consulting for their website and building with them a strategy for the future of the company.

Relais Ristori

graphic design, communication

Relais Ristori ( is a boutique hotel in the heart of Verona, in which I have been working as a hotel manager for almost two years. I have been asked to redesign its whole image and to raise its visibility online. During the years I managed their social channels and the website, until middle 2016.